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Jason D. Bland, the founder of Signet Leadership, strives to be the catalyst in people’s lives, a unique voice and perspective that will inspire transformational growth through Executive Coaching and Consulting. 

His coaching and consulting approach is focused on helping leaders find the solution that fits their unique personal & professional strategic goals. His motivation continues to be centered on developing others to become the best possible leaders they can become, to facilitate team cohesion, build trust, strengthen relationships & communication, and improve career & overall life satisfaction.

Jason has demonstrated expertise in high-pressure, results-driven, domestic & international organizations, from the ground floor to the C-Suite. With hands-on experience in both the military and civilian sectors, he has focused on developing leaders and building teams via training & development, directing business operations, facilitating change management, implementing policies, and seeking process improvements through lean thinking. During that time, he has provided direct support to C-suite executives, led small and large teams, managed multi-million-dollar project portfolios, served as a strategic advisor, and facilitated coaching and consulting activities for a wide array of organizations. 

As a leadership professional and scholar, Jason is fully immersed in the ever-changing world of leadership development and committed to meeting the strategic goals of every client. He is a lifelong learner, and is always striving to develop his knowledge, skills, and abilities. Currently, Jason is pursuing certification through the International Coaching Federation while also pursuing a Doctor of Strategic Leadership through Regent University. The capstone degree provides practical solutions for today’s leadership and organizational challenges.

In addition to Jason’s varied professional background, he also has a unique history of academic and professional development: he lived and worked in Germany for more than four years, first as an exchange student, and later as a military officer. He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the US Air Force (where he later earned Officer of the Year in four separate units), completed a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Language and Linguistics, a Master of Biblical Studies (Magna Cum Laude), and a Master of Science in International Relations. Furthermore, he has completed numerous leadership and professional development courses and seminars.

Jason lives outside of Annapolis, Maryland with his beautiful wife and three wonderful children. When Jason isn’t focused on work, completing his Doctorate, or reading a good book, he and his family enjoy family get-togethers, youth sports, biking, kayaking, hiking, camping, beach time, as well as movie and game nights.

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